Can we live without fear-based news?

How to avoid mainstream silos and still stay informed?

Dangerous roller coaster
Disturbing right? Brings a little pang of fear? Of revolt?
Well in news, that's the stuff that sells.
It's important to know what's going on, but can we do that without unnecessary negativity?
The truth is, the universally adopted fear-based approach to news can shape your reality, and still not give you a holistic understanding of events.
Let the limited amount of time you have for news every day be devoted to gaining a wholesome perspective.
EU agreement
What are the deeper trends in politics and business?
As nationalism and xenophobia grow, which movements have sprung up that focus on trust and collaboration?
Follow the fascinating stories that weren't in today's headlines.
When something happens out there, what do you do with that?
After reading the news, do you feel more or less numb to human suffering?
Are the news a catalyst for insight and compassion within you?
Or does it overwhelm your humanness, like it did with this guy?
Let's learn to feel again.
Our agents of transformation take in suffering, process it without going numb, and then bring the world some relief.
It's a profound art, and this community will make you an expert at it.
Take the leap; make every minute you spend connecting with the larger world truly meaningful.
Some cool news you may not have heard!
• 🇺🇸 cancer ⚰️ ⬇️ by 25% since 1991: 2 million lives saved.
• 🇺🇸 breast cancer ⚰️ ⬇️ by 39%: 322,600 lives saved.
• 🌎 AIDS ⚰️ ⬇️ 50% since 2005.
• 🌎 leprosy ⬇️ by 97% – it should be eradicated by 2020.
• New cheap 💉 can end cholera.
• 🌎 tuberculosis ⚰️ ⬇️ 37% since 2000, saving 53 million.
⬆️ from poverty
• 🌎 1.2 billion people gained access to 🔌 since 2001.
• 🇺🇸 poverty rate is 12.7%, lowest since great recession.
• 🇺🇸 child poverty rate is 15.6%, lowest ever.
• 🇨🇳 people living under poverty line ⬇️ by 99 million to 43.4 million since 2014.
• Cameroon will restore over 12 million hectares of forest in the Congo Basin.
• The ozone hole over Antartica shrank to its smallest size since 1988.
• Brazil to plant 73 million trees, history's biggest tropical reforestation project.
• Chile turned 11 million acres of land into National Parks in Patagonia.
• Pakistan has planted one billion trees in 2 years to reduce erosion.
• The US now has 9 billion more cubic feet of trees than it did in 1953.
Combatting deforestation
Everything lives off of attention. Let it live.

What we
work towards

Reverse the stats

Less heaviness, more flow

Reading the day's news can often be a depressing affair. It's important to know what's going on in the world, but the media tends to overemphasize the negative and feed off of people's fears – it sells. Few would know, for instance, that by all metrics war and violence have been drastically decreasing for decades... We present you with the same important information while bypassing the fear game. There's no need for rose-colored glasses or aloofness – simply adopting a more wholesome perspective to the day's events will improve your day, still with all the insight you need into current events.

Global learning

Meaningful movements that get sidelined

We only have so much time for news, and with most of it being taken up by information that doesn't ultimately add value to our lives, we never end up hearing of all the good things happening out there, the creative solutions and collective awakenings happening all over. We are here to prove that stories of love and hope deserve as much space as stories about fear and hatred. Ultimately, we need to decide what to give our life's energy to, what energies to cultivate within us and what movements to give our support to. It's our life, our world – let's make it all it can be.

The Americas

A team of global healers

As we make progress in our own personal healing process, we start becoming more sensitive to what's happening in the world. We learn to take in people's suffering, process it, and send back waves of healing and transformation. Reading the news becomes a selfless act of giving, but it's important that we don't get bogged down by the suffering. This platform helps people perfect this art, and we offer actionable steps and global chains of prayer around specific events that have immeasurable power to bring about a lasting transformation of suffering into joy.

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